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ABOUT SETUPMY.COM enables you to build a professional web site using our online editing system.

To get started, just click the ‘TRY NOW’ button. Then you choose a template, enter a title (your company name) and text (first page content) and you're away! There are useful hints available everywhere you go to help you build a good site from the comprehensive help section to the ‘mouse-over’ tips that pop up when you hover your mouse over a link or text field for two seconds or more.

At you can build yourself a web site online very easily, & there’s no software to download as everything is done online.

We have designed for the small business and second income user, but it’s equally well suited to hobbies, special occasions (births, marriages etc), voluntary clubs and so on.

You will need to register some details before you can get started, your web site already has text in it to get you going and is ready once you have completed your registration. You just have to change the words and add your pictures etc.

Your web site can either be a Free Trial Web Site of 4 pages or you can upgrade to a web site to have your own DOMAIN and up to 10 pages. The upgrade also includes choices of further professionally designed templates and many colours to give your site an individual look and feel or match your corporate colours?.

What You see is What You Get web site editor (WYSiWYG)The editing of your web site is also done online through an editing tool that is very similar to word processing software – you can change fonts, colours and insert pictures and tables in the usual way – you’ll be amazed how easy it is and because you edit it yourself, you can make changes at any time of the day or night – they will be available instantly on your web site. No more waiting for the designer to get back from his snow boarding trip!

You won’t need to provide your credit card details unless you wish to upgrade, so don’t worry about giving it a try, and if you like what you see then it will only cost £8.00 a month (or the Dollar or Euro equivalent if you are from overseas!). The cost will be even less if you complete the whole process online, but you can call us direct if you like on 0870 760 5408 if you are in the UK. If you come to us from around the world then email us via our contact form and we’ll mail you back with our international access number.

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