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WHY UPGRADE? Upgrading offers a whole range of benefits. You will find full details on the upgrade page, but here is a summary. Remember, you can try the upgrade for up to 14 days for free, just choose the 'Pay Later' option.

  • Get a domain name for your web site. e.g. www.yourbusiness.co.uk
  • Remove all advertising from your site and the editing interface
  • Choose from further templates and designs
  • Build up to 6 further pages (10 in total)
  • Refer you friends to earn rewards
  • [email protected]
  • Visitor counter
  • Use your upgraded site instantly

HOW TO UPGRADE: To start the upgrade process just click the upgrade link from the members home page. From here you will need to select a domain name, this is an address visitors will use to access your web site such as www.yourbusiness.co.uk. You may already have a domain name, so we allow you to upgrade your site without specifying a new name. If this is the case you have several options:

  • Request a new name - use the search tool to find a new domain name for use with your site
  • Transfer your domain - choose the option 'if you already have a domain name, click here' this will allow you to tell us the domain name you have already registered for use with your site.
  • Upgrade without registering a new domain - this option allows you to complete the upgrade without requesting a new domain name. You can register a domain name later...

Searching for a new domain name: Use the search utility by typing in only the name part of your preferred domain name, e.g. if you want your address to be 'www.yourbusiness.co.uk' enter only 'yourbusiness' in the text field and select '.co.uk' from the drop down menu. Then click search.
If your domain name is available you will get a message telling you that you may proceed. If your domain name is not available you must enter another name and search until you find one that is available.

Payment Options: On the next page we will ask you to select your payment options. You will need to decide how to pay for your setup and your recurring charge. This can be done by credit/debit card online or via standing order from you bank.

  • Credit/debit card - select this option to pay instantly
  • Pay Later - select this option to complete the upgrade and pay by another means (cheque/standing order etc). Your domain will not be registered until we receive payment.

You will need to complete your contact details if you have not already done so. If paying by card you be directed to our secure payment gateway where you will enter your credit card details. Once completed your site will be upgraded and your domain name submitted for registration.
If you are paying by conventional means your upgrade will be available immediately after entering your details. You may then begin to use your upgraded site.

If you have any problems upgrading online, please call our sales team on 0870 760 5408