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Images must be below 50k in file size and we suggest dimensions of less than 300pixels in width.


To upload your image it must meet the criteria specified above. To achieve these criteria you will need to use software on your computer to prepare your image.

We will assume, for the purposes of this guide, that you have already transferred an image to your computer. There are several sources you could use to achieve this such as a scanner, digital camera, or simply an image downloaded from a web site.

Most scanners and digital cameras come with image editing software bundled with the device. It is this software that you should use to edit your image. Examples of this software are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Cannon Photo Impression and others. You may also be able to use third party software that you have on your computer. Examples of this software are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Corel Draw, Paint and others. Finally, if you do not have any suitable software you can download free image editing tools from the Internet at sites such as www.downlaod.com We hope to provide links to recommended free software soon.

Each software package will have its own methods. Please refer to the software documentation if you are unsure of how to achieve any of the steps below.

Step 1: Open your image in your image editor software.
Step 2: Crop your image to remove any unwanted areas.
Step 3: Reduce the image dimensions to 250 pixels in width or less. You should find that the height value will change proportionally to your width setting.
Step 4: Set the image resolution to 72dpi (picels per inch) if you can. As the image is only to be used for your web site you need not maintain a high resolutions. Most monitors only display images at 72dpi.
Step 5: Save your image as a JPEG. This is usually achieved by choosing 'Save As' from the 'File' menu. (Some image editing software gives you the option to 'Save for web'. If this option is available, choose it rather than 'Save As'.) You will be asked to give your image a name and select a location in which to save it. We suggest you navigate to your desktop or 'My Documents' folder and give your image a descriptive name such as 'My_pic_for_website.jpg' (please try to avoid using spaces in your file name). Click save. You should also be prompted to set a 'Quality' value. This will help reduce the file size to below 50k. For most images a value of '3' (out of 10 or 12) is OK. Sometimes this will be referred to as 'Medium' quality. Your images should now be ready to upload.

How do I discover the file size of my image?

On a PC: Locate your image and right click on the icon. Then choose 'Properties' A new window will open. Amongst the details here you should find a value for size.

On a Mac: Locate your image and click once on it to select it. Then choose 'Get Info' from the file menu. The file size will be indicated in the Info window that opens.

NOTE: 50 kilobytes is appox. 50000 bytes or 0.05 megabytes.