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Welcome to the help section. We have set up setupmy.com to be as intuitive as possible, however there may be parts which are confusing or not clear. If you do come across problems please let us know so we can make them even easier. Send email to us via our online contact form

Help as you go : This service requires you to interact with it a great deal if you are to build a successful web site. Most of this interaction is done through forms, where you will enter information into text boxes and areas, choose options from drop down menus and radio buttons. We have tried to describe each and every field so that you will understand its This shows how to hover your mouse for more information on text boxes.....purpose. If the field labels (text next to each text box) are not clear enough, try hovering your mouse over the field. After a couple of seconds more descriptive text should pop up to help you.

This section is dedicated to general information surrounding the use of the service. It offers step by step guides to building your site and information on dedicated areas. You can use the menu on the left to navigate to an area within which you are having trouble or, you will find links within the main site that lead directly to a section of the help.