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Building your site is easy..... This page outlines the steps to building your web site. We will assume that you have already registered. If you haven't, the please visit the registration page and enter you details.
N.B.Your web site will be pre-poulated, that is have content already in it that we think you will find useful.

STEP 1: To begin building or editing you site you must first log on. From the home page click the 'Members Log In' link in the menu. On the next page you will be asked to enter your username and password. (You specified these during the registration process, however you can retrieve you password here if you have forgotten it)
Once you have logged in your will arrive at the Member's Home Page. This is the central point for editing your site. The table below describes the links available on this page.

In this section you can keep your contact details up to date. Including address, telephone number and email address.
In this section you can create page names that will appear in your sites menu and then move on to edit the main content of your site.
This section allows you to control parts of your web site that will remain constant across all pages, such as the site title and design. You can also upload logos and add keywords.
This section will guide you through the process of upgrading

STEP2: How you proceed from the members home page is entirely up to you, but for the purpose of this article we suggest that you visit the 'Appearance' section first. In this page you will specify your site title. This will usually be your business name. Next you can add a slogan or tag line that will also appear on every page of your site. If you wish this can be your phone number.
Then choose a template from the drop down menu. You can change your template as often as you like but your choice will be limited until you upgrade. Use the 'View Template' drop down menu to preview the available templates. (Each template preview will open in a new browser window, you will need to close that window to return to the main site.) If you choose to, you can also add your logo from this page now. More information is available in the Appearance Help and Logos & Images section.
When you have completed this section click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page. You should now be returned to the members home page. You can now preview your site by clicking the 'View Your Site' link. You site will open in a new browser window which you will need to close to return to the main site.

STEP3: Add you content. It is a good idea to have a plan for you pages before you begin. In pre-populating your site we have created four page names that we think you will most likely use. Click the 'Create or Edit Pages' link on the Member's Home Page. You will now see a form containing 10 rows, each row represents a page in your site. Only the first four will be available before you upgrade your site. The first page will always be called 'HOME' on your site menu, but you can label the title any way you wish. If you wish change the title in the first row, then click the 'Edit' button.
Now you will see the editing interface (this will vary depending on your computer and browser, see WYSiWYG or MAC/NETSCAPE). From here you will be able to add text and pictures for the page that are editing. (You may wish to use your computer's cut & paste features to transfer text from an existing document) When you have finished adding your text, YOU MUST PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON.
Return to the page list menu and select a new page to edit. (Note, you can also use the 'Clear' button to delete pages from your site. If a page has no title it will not appear in your site)

Now you can return to the Member's home page or just click the 'View Your Site' button to see your site. Hey Presto!