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The appearance page is used to control the global features of your sites. From here you can choose templates, edit your title and slogan, add or choose your logo and major site graphics, and add keywords and descriptions.

Title & Slogan: Add a title that will appear at the top of every in the text field provided. Your title will also appear within the title bar of you browser and be used by search engines when listing your web site.
You slogan will also appear on every page if you enter one.

Logo & Major Site Images: From this section you can add your own logo for use on your site. Its position will depend on your site template. You will also have to prepare your logo image suitably for use on your web site. This includes optimizing file size and making sure the dimensions fit your chosen template.
SetUpMy.com also provides a series of images for you to use in place of a logo if you choose. You may also choose to show no logo image at all.
From within the appearance page, first locate the logos section and then choose one of the following options:

  • Use our logo graphic- select one of our logo graphics from the drop down menu
  • Use your own logo- upload a prepared image from your computer
  • Do not display logo graphic- show no graphic where the logo should be

Only when you have selected an option will the relevant field become available. For instance, if you select the 'Use our logo graphic' only then will the drop down menu of generic logo image become available.
If you wish to upload your own logo, use the browse button to navigate to and select you image.

Major site images are slightly different to your logo however, they will appear on each page of your site. We have again provided a number of generic images for you to choose from if you wish. Or, you may wish to upload your own. Major images must be prepared in the same way as logos. The drop down menu of our generic images may indicate that some images are intended for specific templates.

Keywords & Description: These two sections are not usually visible on your site but mainly govern how search engines index your site and its content. You should enter 10-20 keywords that describe your business separated by commas (,) in the keyword field. Then you should enter a brief sentence describing your business in the description field. This will be shown as the description of you site in search engine results.

If you have any problems, please email us via our online contact form